Cars for films and TV

Classic car rental for photoshoot and video shoot

Cars and vehicle for film and TV hire. We are specialised in delivering the right cars and unique movie vehicles for any film work and movie production. We have a large selection of best Cars and Vehicles for Film and TV in our online catalogue. We also have extensive experience with finding time typical cars for all kinds of film and TV productions – so that the car reflects the look you want in the movie.

Vehicles for productions of Commercials

SPice up your advertising with a right vehicle

We are aiming to deliver unique cars and vehicles for commercials that will appear on the major tv channels. We have a large experience with cars and vehicles suitable for shooting and we will strive to find a car that support the message about the product that the car should help to sell! So if you have an advertising assignment that should be spiced up with a unique car, plane, motorcycle or something else then we are the place where this is possible.

Cars and vehicles for photo shooting and Videos

Add a different touch to your photoshoot or Video

Want to give a special touch to your photos or videos, renting one of our classic cars will certainly guarantee you that! Whether you want some glamour with a classic Mercedes, some edge with a Pontiac Firebird, or some fun with a 70’s VW camper, our classic cars will enhance the desired feel of your photos and videos!

Cars for Weddings and Events

MAke that special day even more memorable with our cars

Add an unexpected special touch to your special day by renting a fabulous car from us. A car as a dramatic backdrop for your wedding photos, or a classic getaway car. Bluepigs can provide a great classic car that will make your wedding or special event more memorable and more fun. We invite inquiries from brides-to-be, wedding and event planners, and photographers. Learn how renting one of our classic cars for a wedding or other special occasion can add that special touch you will always remember.

Who are We and why We do it

bluepigs rental & Scouting

Hello, we are Marjan and Benedetta, fans of racing and the smell of gasoline for as long as I can remember. A passion that led us to a life adventure from racing pleasures to driving timeless classic cars along the Adriatic highway, enjoying every single second of it. Over the years, we have founded a company from both, the film industry where we love to work and the cars we love to drive.
By launching, Bluepigs project, we’re excited to share some of the most beautiful classic, sports, luxury cars in our area for all your filming needs and ideas.

Scene Cars & Vehicles Scouting


We provide a full cars and vehicles for film and TV sourcing service, where we take specific briefs from you for particular types of vehicles, track down and source available vehicles, make recommendations to you, then book and organise vehicles to attend the production.